5 Reasons Drivers Love the 2021 Ford Expedition

August 6th, 2021 by

The 2021 Ford Expedition was released in September 2020, and it has provided a worthwhile experience for many drivers already. It’s a versatile vehicle that’s great for families as well as adventurers ready for their next off-road excursion. Discover some of the best features that drivers have highlighted for the new Expedition. 2021 Ford Expedition in gallery

Great New Features
The new Expedition comes with several noteworthy upgrades from its previous model. For the exterior, it has new wheel designs on all trim levels and includes two new colors—Antimatter Blue and Kodiak Brown. It also has an updated entertainment system and new technology, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support so that drivers can seamlessly and safely make calls, receive map directions, and listen to everyone’s favorite music.

Comfortable Driving Experience
For a vehicle in the large SUV category, the Expedition is exceptionally easy to command on the roads. Its twin-turbocharged V-6 engine delivers reliable power and very responsive acceleration. Drivers can also opt for a four-wheel-drive system, which makes the vehicle an even smoother ride and capable of off-road excursions.

Spacious Interior
This large SUV can hold up to 8 passengers, and all the rows are comfortable seats for everyone. The front seats have massaging functions and can also provide heat and ventilation. Backseat passengers can opt for captain’s chairs or bench chairs, making the vehicle a customizable and comfortable ride for a variety of people.

There is also ample storage in the cubbies. If even more space is needed, both the second and third-row seats can be fully folded. This is a great feature for extra storage for luggage or larger, bulkier items such as camping gear.

Family-Friendly Car
Unlike previous models, this SUV has USB ports in the second-row passenger seats so that electronic devices can stay charged for long family road trips. It is capable of being a 4G LTE mobile hotspot, and up to 10 different devices can connect all at once.

Families with young children will appreciate that both the second and third-row seats have LATCH connectors for child car seats. The roomy interior provides a lot of legroom so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride without getting in each other’s spaces.

Improved Driver’s Assistance
For the first time, the Ford Co-Pilot 360 is an available option for the Expedition. The Co-Pilot 360 technology offers valuable assistance to drivers, including auto high-beam headlamps, pre-collision alerts and automatic emergency braking, and cross-traffic alerts.

The 2021 Expedition can also tow up to 9,300 pounds, which makes it capable of towing a large trailer. The towing experience is made simple with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which includes blind-spot coverage for both the vehicle and the trailer. The backup assistance feature also makes steering a trailer in reverse an easier and safer process for the driver.

Overall, the 2021 Expedition is a versatile car that can be used for family functions as well as off-road excursions. Call Dave Arbogast Ford today to meet with one of our experts and test-drive an Expedition.

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