Tips on Improving Fuel Efficiency

Pumping Gas

If you want to know how to improve gas mileage on your Troy commute, Dave Arbogast Ford is at your service. Aside from switching to an electric vehicle or hybrid car, there are other things you can do to enhance fuel economy. Read on for a few tips on improving fuel efficiency on your drives around Tipp City, and if you want to exchange your old gas guzzler for a more fuel-efficient vehicle, get in touch with us today! 



Ways To Improve Gas Mileage

Whether carpooling with your neighbors to get the kids to school in New Carlisle or heading out for a road trip past Vandalia in your Ford Explorer Hybrid, these are some great ways to improve gas mileage so you can save money at the pump: 

  1. Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained:Simple things like replacing your air filter and keeping the correct PSI in your tires can make a big difference in your MPG.
  2. Accelerate Slowly: Try to press gently on the gas pedal to accelerate slowly. When you punch it, you use up more fuel. 
  3. Plan Ahead for Heavy Traffic: Routinely sitting in stop-and-go traffic is not only an inefficient use of time, but it also consumes more fuel and puts strain on your drivetrain. By planning ahead to avoid rush hour, you will improve your fuel economy and avoid the hassles.
  4. Use AC at Highway Speeds: Your car’s AC uses gas, so use it only when absolutely necessary. However, using your AC on highways is surprisingly more efficient than rolling down the windows because opening the windows creates more drag. 
  5. Avoid High Speeds: Some Troy drivers don’t realize that cars use more fuel at higher speeds. That’s why it’s wise to attempt to keep your speedometer between 55 and 65 mph. But always make sure you comply with the speed limit.
  6. Coast to a Stop: It’s better to slowly coast to a stop when possible and try to avoid riding your brakes and stopping quickly. 

Shop for a Fuel-Efficient New Ford at Dave Arbogast Ford

Now that you know some ways to improve gas mileage, if you wish to upgrade your ride to something more fuel-efficient, visit us at Dave Arbogast Ford today! We’ll take you for a test drive around Troy in a new Ford F-150 Lightning or Escape PHEV! Feel free to apply for financing before you head to the dealership, or contact us and let us know how we can help! 


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