What are the Advantages of Genuine OEM Ford Parts?

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When you visit a quality service center like Dave Arbogast Ford, you’ll receive genuine OEM Ford parts during your maintenance and repair services. But, there are many service centers that use aftermarket parts instead. So, what’s the difference between OEM Ford parts and aftermarket alternatives? We’re here to explain the pros and cons of both, and why you’ll only find genuine Ford parts at Dave Arbogast Ford. 



What are OEM Ford Parts?

What does “OEM Ford parts” mean anyway? OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” – or made by Ford themselves. This means that your new replacement part is made by the very same manufacturer that made your car in the first place, so you can expect it to perform exactly the same. 

How does that differ from aftermarket parts? Aftermarket parts are made by any third-party manufacturer, or any company that is not Ford. Many New Carlisle and Vandalia drivers are tempted by aftermarket parts, hoping they’ll get a cheaper price – but it’s not always the case. Additionally, these parts are made to fit a wide variety of cars and not just your model in particular. Sometimes that means the part doesn’t fit or perform correctly, and you’re left with a huge bill. 

Why Choose Ford Parts Instead?

  • Quality: OEM Ford parts are made to the same specifications as the rest of your vehicle, so you can expect a high degree of quality. No need to worry about lackluster materials and fit.
  • Shopping: When you choose aftermarket parts, you’ll need to read reviews and check prices carefully. When you choose a genuine Ford part, there’s just one option to buy. That simplifies the shopping process tremendously.
  • Warranty: Not only do most Ford OEM parts include a warranty, but your car’s warranty is also affected by your replacement parts. If you use aftermarket parts, you might void parts of your warranty in the process!

Find Quality Ford OEM Parts at Dave Arbogast Ford

Are you ready to shop our Ford OEM parts? Feel free to contact us or order parts online. Our team can help you find anything you need for your Ford. Want to learn more about your car? Check out service tips and tricks from the experts!


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